Auto & Boat Detailing

Essential Tools in Cleaning Your Boat

Boat detailing is essential to maintain the value and efficiency of your boat. Every year, there are almost 3 million new boats built and then sold. The boating sector has been popular in the United States, especially in the southern states, for many years. If well maintained, your boat is likely to look great and last for years. One important aspect of proper maintenance is boat detailing.

Boat interior and exterior have different parts that need attention and boat detailing is just one of them. In order to keep your boat interior clean and free of dirt and grease buildup, you need a professional marine interior detailing company. Your boat detailing company can do a full deep clean of the interior and exterior of your boat in order to remove all dirt, grease and stains. They also offer polishing services in order to give your boat an overall clean look.

When it comes to boat detailing, another element that needs attention is the boat’s exterior. As you know, saltwater can take its toll on any boat even if it is brand new. saltwater and freshwater spills can cause stains to build up on the exterior of the boat interior. A professional boat detailing company can remove the unwanted stains and restore your interior to like-new condition. If you have any kind of oil stain, you can have the company remove and clean it professionally using oxygen.

Saltwater and freshwater spills can create unsightly “browning” on the hulls of newer boats. Many boaters invest in automatic systems that prevent lightening on their boats. Your St. Petersburg or Mobile Auto Detailing company can easily make the necessary modifications to your auto so that you don’t lose any valuable boating time during the winter season.

Boat detailing is only the first step of maintaining your boat clean. The next step is to follow proper care and cleaning supplies to keep your boat clean. Make sure that you purchase quality cleaning supplies. You can use regular soap and warm water to wash your boat. It is always recommended that you utilize boat cleaning supplies formulated for the harsh marine environment.

After washing your boat, you may want to utilize a power washer to get rid of the last bit of dirt or grease from your exterior. Use a power washer on both the inside and outside of your boat detailing vehicle. However, do not ever use a power washer on an open body of water as it can cause damage to your vehicle. To wash your boat with power washer, use a small amount of soap and a long brush in order to remove the grime. Then rinse with clean water. For more details on boat detailing visit